4 simple steps to get out of bed

First and foremost, the EZLiftBED is designed to keep
you safe. It’s also designed with caregivers in mind,
helping them avoid awkward, unbalanced positions that
can cause injuries when lifting someone out of bed.
If you can use a lift chair by yourself, you likely can get
in and out of bed independently with the EZLiftBED.
Here’s how easy it is:

  1. If you’re starting from under a sheet/blanket, drape
    them over one of the armrests so your legs and
    feet are uncovered.
  2. Push and hold the “Lift Up” button. The EZLiftBED
    will raise you to a nearly standing position where
    your feet are firmly on the floor.
  3. Check that your path is clear and hold one or both
    armrests for support and safety.
  4. With your nose over your toes, finish standing up
    and walk away.
    When it’s time to get back into bed, you just reverse the
    process. Easy!

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