Benefits of an electric sleep to stand bed

In their old age, many people find it more difficult to move and get out of bed safely. This is a natural part of life that many do not see coming and may enter unprepared for. But what if these people had an electric bed that would help them both rise to their standing position and help them lay down safely? This is exactly what EZ Lift Bed offers with their electric sleep to stand bed. A bed like this comes with many benefits for the user, some that may come as a surprise. Here are a few benefits and more information about the revolutionary EZ Lift Bed.


Keeps you safer than a normal bed

The EZ Lift electric stand to sleep bed has been praised for its ability to keep the user safe at all times while they are using it. With its sit-to-stand capabilities, the user is able to enter and exit the bed in an upright position. While sleeping at night, the rails on the side of the bed prevent the user from falling out of the bed and potentially injuring themselves. Improvements are always being made on the EZ Lift Bed to keep customers happy and safe while enjoying amazing comfort and movement capabilities.

Returns your freedom

One of the key benefits of EZ Lift Bed’s electric sleep to stand bed is its ability to return your freedom of movement. The bed does this in a number of ways, starting with helping you get in and out of bed safely and quickly. Gone are the days of not being able to get in or out of your bed because it is too close to the ground. Now you can easily sit on your bed from a standing position and recline to a laying position. You no longer must sleep in a recliner chair in your living room because your new EZ Lift Bed acts as both a recliner and a full-fledged bed.

The EZ Lift Bed also has the ability to potentially help you enough to keep you out of an assisted living facility. With this bed you will be able to get in and out of bed with no problems and have the comfort of being safe every night due to the included safety rails. Our electric sit to stand bed can be a life changer for many that are close to moving into an assisted living facility. Keep your freedom of life by getting your new bed today!

Can help prevent common aches and pains

Do you suffer from common sleep problems including back pain, snoring, lack of support, sleep apnea, and more? We have some good news for you: these can become a thing of the past with the EZ Lift electric sleep to stand bed. The bed allows you to lay flat on your back, sitting at an angle, or anywhere between! You can elevate your head to alleviate snoring and back pain, or you can sleep in a sitting position if you prefer. Soon after getting your EZ Lift Bed, you will not have to worry about the common issues you faced while sleeping. You will feel better in no time.

Helps caregivers

Even though they are not the ones using the bed, caregivers can also benefit from this electric sleep to stand bed. Taking care of someone can be a tough job and we commend anyone that does it. With our bed, this job is made a lot easier due to the fact that the bed goes from a full upright position to a vertical laying position. The risk of injury will be minimized while attempting to help the person into bed, and both parties will be happier with the newfound freedom of the EZ Lift Bed.

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