Devices that help the elderly get out of bed

My grandma used to have a bumper sticker on her car that said “Getting old isn’t for wimps”. Aging is typically accompanied by declines in muscle strength, endurance and balance. At some point, these declines will start making it difficult to get out of bed. This is difficult for the elderly that find themselves needing assistance from family members, or professionals to get out of bed. It can also be difficult for the caregiver because of the added muscle strain that can happen while helping the elderly in and out of bed. This article will discuss devices that help the elderly get out of bed.


Adding a bedrail to your bed is a simple way to get extra support if you only need a little help getting out of bed. They typically slide under your mattress as you can see from this bed cane from Stander. The rail is secured in place by the weight of the mattress as well as the user’s weight. Some models may also have straps that connect it to the base of the bed. Other types may be bolted down into the flooring. The main pro for this type of device is how simple it can be to use if you get the type that slides under a mattress. However, there may not be enough weight to completely get you out of bed.

Transfer Pole

A floor to ceiling transfer pole is an effective aid for getting out of bed. The pole is usually held in place by a tension rod between the floor and the ceiling. However, some models can be connected to the floor and ceiling. The tension rod models are easy to set up and can be moved if you rearrange your furniture. However, they may not give enough support to pull you up. The models that are connected to the floor and ceiling are more sturdy but limit your ability to move it if needed.

Sleep to Stand Bed

A Sleep-to-Stand bed is the most effective device to help to get out of bed. A sleep-to-stand bed is an adjustable style bed that raises you to a position where you can stand easier – much like a lift chair. This device is perfect if you need more assistance than a transfer pole or a bed rail will provide. However, starting at $1,699.00, it may be cost-prohibitive for some elders.

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