How the Omni Tray and EZLift Bed pair to help you exit bed

If you’re like most people, you probably have trouble getting up out of bed in the morning. It can be a real challenge to move your body and get going. This is where the Omni Tray and EZLift Bed come in to help make your life easier. The Omni Tray attaches to the EZLift Bed, which helps lift you up so that you can easily stand up. This is a great solution for those who have trouble moving around, or for elderly people who need assistance getting out of bed. In this post, we will explain more ways that the Omni Tray and EZLift Bed work together to help you every day.

What is the Omni Tray?

At EZLift Bed, we know that relaxing in bed after a long day is one of life’s many joys. Relaxing in bed is made even better when you have somewhere to put all of your items such as food, drinks, cell phone, and more. The handy Omni Tray attaches to your bed and provides a convenient surface for eating, working on your laptop, or just relaxing in bed.

In addition to the multi-use tray space, the Omni Tray also comes with an attached handle to make it easier for you to stand up. These features make the Omni Tray a great investment to pair with your EZLift Bed! Here are some more ways that the Omni Tray and EZLift Bed work together to help you exit the bed safely.

How the Omni Tray and EZLift Bed work together

Gives you more room to enjoy the bed

From the very first moment that you get your EZLift Bed, you will be able to feel the benefits it gives you. Our bed is very helpful and will allow you to get in and out safely at any time. You will feel secure and comfortable while also getting great sleep on our high-quality mattresses. Safety is our priority and the thing we strive for the most.

One way to make your bed even better is by getting the Omni Tray! With this tray, your bed will be expanded to include a tray table. This tray table can be used for your food, drinks, cell phone, laptop, and any other things you need to put there! By getting this wonderful attachment, your EZLift Bed turns into an even better place to lounge at any time, not just for when you want to go to sleep for the night.

Gives you the extra support that you may need

Aside from the great benefits of the tray, the Omni Tray can also give you the extra support you may need when getting in and out of bed. The Omni Tray comes with an attached handle that is sturdy and will help you get out of bed whenever you need it. Although the handles on our EZLift Bed are helpful, you might need the extra support that the Omni Tray provides. Pick one up today and equip it to your EZLift Bed for additional support!

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