Preparing for a new bed: tips for your EZLift Bed

While we are aging, many things may slip away from us. One of these things may be our ability to get into bed easily. This is completely natural as we age due to mobility issues, memory issues, and whatever else we may face. When you realize that it is time to make a change due to these issues, it may be time to prepare for a new bed. And while preparing for a new bed may not be easy, it is essential so that you can safely rest every day. Here are some tips that will help you get your home ready for your new EZLift Bed!

Tips for preparing for a new bed

Consider the dimensions of your new bed

One of the biggest tips we have for you when you are preparing for a new bed is to make sure you have the correct dimensions. This is important because it will determine how well your bed will fit in your room. When considering the EZLift Bed an option for you, take a look at our product page for specific dimensions. Be sure to double check these dimensions depending on which bed size you order as they may differ slightly. If you have any specific questions about the dimensions of the EZLift Bed, be sure to contact us and we can help you out.

Make space in your desired room

Once you know if your new bed will fit or not, it is time to make space in your desired room! When preparing for a new bed and making space in your desired room, we recommend clearing out any unnecessary clutter as the first step. This will help you see the room more clearly and use the space to its fullest potential. Once this is completed, you are almost ready to get your new EZLift Bed set up!

Remove any obstructions from the hallway

Our next tip when you are preparing for a new bed is to make sure that your hallway is clear of anything that may obstruct your new bed. Most beds and mattresses are quite big and can be difficult to move through the tight hallways of your home. If you clear all items and furniture out of your always, this becomes exponentially easier.

Another recommendation we have for clearing your hallways is to make sure your pets and children are secured. If pets or children happen to run down the hallway while you are moving your bed, there is a potential chance that they may be injured if an accident occurs. Once your hallways are clear and ready to go, you’re ready to move on to the next step.

Have somewhere help set your bed up

Once you’ve finished preparing for a new bed, it is time to get it set up! Being that it is a bed with motion capabilities, our EZLift Bed can be difficult to set up on your own. With that being said, we recommend having someone with you at all times while you are working on getting it set up. Have someone help you attach the bed’s legs and make sure all the parts are securely fastened. Once this is done, have some assistance in flipping the bed over and testing it. When you are satisfied with your new bed, try it out!

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