High Low Bed



  • Easy setup.  No special tools required
  • No special mattress needed
  • Get in and out of bed easier
  • FREE 10-year limited warranty

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The EZ Lift height-adjustable High Low bed is perfect for people who are living through in-home healthcare or assisted living situations. The High Low bed provides a comfortable and safe sleep surface with an easily adjustable head and foot end to meet the needs of any user. Adjust the bed to your desired height with the convenient remote at any time you want. This unique feature makes it easy for caregivers, family members, or anyone else who may need to assist with changing their loved one’s position.

High and Low Bed

Some days it’s easier to get out of a high bed, and some days you may need a low bed.  Luckily, our bed can accommodate you either way. With safety in mind, our bed is sure to keep you feeling safe as you rest and relax throughout the night.

An attractive alternative to a hospital bed

You can get the convenience of a hospital bed without the ugly frame. Plus you can use your own mattress so it’s more comfortable! The High Low bed will fit perfectly in your room and most importantly, it will keep you safe every night while you sleep.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the High Low bed electric?
Yes. Our bed is fully electric. You can adjust the bed up or down with the touch of a button.
What health conditions does the High Low bed benefit?
Our beds are designed to bring comfort and independence for people with a range of health conditions or mobility issues. For more specific answers, please reach out to us via email at bo@ezliftbed.com.
How much weight will the bed hold?
Our bed will hold up to 500lbs.


Designed by the same team that created our renowned sleep-to-stand bed!





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