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Your recliner is not the most comfortable place to sleep in. It’s time for a change! The EZ Lift refurbished Sleep To Stand Bed can transition you from bed to standing with just one touch of a button, so when it comes time for your morning routine or if you need some relief during the day, all you have to do is press down and stand up again. This way-better version of your old couch makes getting into and out of bed easy as pie while also giving back support along every step on its journey – Start sleeping better today!

Our refurbished  Sleep to Stand Beds are LESS then 15 days used. They include:

  • Standard Shipping
  • Mattress
  • Manufacturer Warranty

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Stop sleeping in your recliner simply because it is too hard to get in and out of bed.  Our EZ Lift Sleep To Stand Bed takes you from a sleeping position to a standing position with a touch of a button.  When you are ready to lay back down, the Bed will lower you back down to a sleeping position.

My husband could not get out of bed without having extreme pain. I searched and searched for some type of bed that would help. This bed came up and we are extremely happy with it! My husband now can sleep, get up out of bed without pain. And the customers service was EXCELLENT! I would recommend this to anyone who has back pain.

Who can benefit from the sleep to stand bed?

The EZLift bed was designed to help people with medical issues that make it difficult to get in and out of bed. This innovative adjustable bed helps moves the user to a position where they can stand much easier.  We have sold these beds to individuals that want to keep as much independence as possible.  We have also sold these beds spouses and children that need just a little help in taking care of their loved one.

The perfect bed for caregivers

If you’re a family member of someone who needs help getting in and out of bed, the struggle is real. You want to offer assistance but lifting your loved one can put a strain on your body – until now! The EZLift adjustable bed takes care of all that for you. With this product there’s no need to hire an expensive professional or send them away from home just yet: with the touch-of-a-button it will fold back into its original position so they don’t have any trouble climbing out by themselves again later, easing their reliance on others while still letting them feel safe at home where they belong.

The perfect bed for seniors

The Sleep to Stand Bed is the perfect solution for those who want independence in their later years. Do you struggle sitting up in the morning? With a press of a button,  the power base will move you from your sleeping position to an upright seated position.  If you want, stop there and until you are fully awake and ready to stand.  When you are ready, push a button and the power base will help you into a standing position.  No need to ask for help, and no need to worry about getting light-headed and losing your balance!

The EZ Lift Sleep Bed can also be used as a lounge chair.  You can stop the bed while it is in a sitting position.  It is perfect for reading a book or watching TV.

The head of the bed can also be elevated.  This is perfect for anyone who suffers from snoring or has difficulty breathing due to a cold or allergies.  A raised head can even help with relieving issues associated with sleep apnea.

This was the perfect solution for my husband who is disabled with MS and is a paraplegic. Since sleeping in this bed, he is sleeping like a baby. Thanks

Products that work well with the Sleep to Stand Bed

The EZLift Bed works well on its own helping you get in and out of bed. But every once in a while, you may need a little extra help.  Here are some great products that can help you stand on those extra tough days.

What comes with the EZ Lift Sleep to Stand bed?

The EZLift Bed comes with everything you need to help you get in and out of bed easier.  Inside the box, you will find:

  1.  The adjustable bed base
  2. A wired handheld remote.
  3.  Padded side-rails for additional comfort
  4. Instructions on how to set up the sleep to stand bed
  5. An alan wrench (the only tool required)

The mattress and any other product ordered will be shipped separately.

This bed met all my needs. It is well engineered, solidly built, and operates smoothly. It is also quite comfortable with its six inch mattress. I don’t usually comment on products I purchase but this is one item that really deserves a shout out.

Frequently Asked Questions

The adjustable bed base comes with a 10-year limited warranty.  The first year is a full parts and labor warranty.  Year 2-10 covers replacement for any mechanical part found to be defective.  

The Sleep to Stand Bed fits a 6-in memory foam mattress.  The bed base comes with an attached cover that goes over the mattress and zips in place.  This is what keeps the mattress in place while it lifts you to a standing position.  Because of this, it requires a specific mattress.

No.  The shipping company will only bring the bed to your door.  They will not take it into your home.  We do offer a white-glove service if you want the bed brought into your home and set up for you.

Our white-glove delivery will bring the bed into your home, set it up in the room of your choice, and dispose of any packaging material.

If you want to set it up yourself, you can watch our YouTube video on the setup.  

Yes we do.  In fact, we are about the only company that will allow you to return the bed.  You can read our return policy here

Weight147 lbs
Dimensions64.5 × 10.5 × 38.5 in


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