What is a sleep to stand electric bed?

As people get older, it may become increasingly hard to get both into and out of bed effectively and safely. This could be for a variety of reasons, including severe health issues that impact our daily lives or simply the angle/height of the bed. Regardless of what the reason is for these struggles, there is a revolutionary new product available that will ease your frustration and make the experience much safer: the EZ Lift Bed sleep to stand electric bed.

What is a sleep to stand electric bed?

A sleep to stand electric bed is exactly what it sounds like: it is a bed that allows you to go from a sleeping position into a standing position, or vice versa, very quickly. This type of bed has many benefits for your comfort and safety. It helps you avoid slips, trips, and falls while giving you the peace of mind that you can enter and exit safely without getting hurt. The bed also uses a high-quality six-inch memory foam mattress that is easy on your back for a refreshing and comfortable night’s sleep. The mattress provides pressure relief and support that is unmatched in this application.

With your EZ Lift Bed, you can also elevate yourself to any position in between vertical and horizontal. The bed can be used simply as a chair or a space for you to watch television, work, or just relax. Because it has fully adjustable capabilities, you can sleep at a slight angle with elevation which can help reduce your snoring for a more comfortable nightly rest.

How does it work?

Our EZ Lift Bed features a fully adjustable base that is specifically made for the mattress size used. For the best results, we recommend that you put your EZ Lift Bed in a nearly vertical position to start. In order to raise or lower it, use the attached wired remote that will allow you to easily adjust your position. The bed does not move extremely fast, but rather it moves at a pace that will lower you down safely and comfortably. Once you feel like adjusting the bed or getting out of it, simply grab the remote and raise yourself up.

Compared to other products in its class, the EZ Lift Bed is fairly lightweight. The bed comes in at 147 pounds, so some assistance may be required for assembly and placement. Assembly takes 15 to 20 minutes and you can move the EZ Lift Bed with ease. When choosing placement, be aware that the bed must be plugged into the wall for power access. The EZ Lift Bed can also be upgraded with padded siderails for even more security while resting. Consider this additional upgrade while shopping our website.  

How can I get one?

If the EZ Lift Bed sleep to stand electric bed interests you, you are in the right place! Get on the path to a safer experience and better sleep by purchasing your new bed today. The EZ Lift Bed currently comes in two different sizes: twin and twin XL. Each bed purchase also comes with the opportunity to purchase a 10-year extended warranty. Get on the path to better and safer sleep by ordering your own EZ Lift Bed today!

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