What to do if you mentally can’t leave bed

Over the course of a lifetime, it is likely that many people will suffer from depression or another mental illness. These mental illnesses can happen to anyone, regardless of age, class, race, or any other factors. When these illnesses really hit you, they can take a big toll on your life. They can affect many of the things you do every day; you may even feel like you mentally can’t leave bed. There is no shame in feeling this way because it is normal.

How many times have you mentally told yourself that you need to get out of bed but just can’t seem to do it? This is a common problem for people who suffer from depression, anxiety disorder, or other mental illnesses. It’s important to know what you can do when your brain doesn’t want to cooperate. Here are some steps for getting up and moving if you feel like you mentally can’t leave bed.

Mentally can’t leave bed tips

Focus on things that are pressing instead of your entire day all at once.

If you find that you mentally can’t leave bed, it would be a good idea to find a schedule that works for you. This means deciding what your primary goals each day are and working toward them one by one, instead of trying to do everything all at once. For example, if sleeping is the first thing on your agenda–do it! If showering or brushing your teeth comes before anything else, then go accomplish it with everything you have.

A quick way to overwhelm yourself is to think about all of the things that you have to do each day. If you keep doing this, it could cause problems later down the road and make you feel that you are not doing enough. This is the last thing you need if you find it hard to get out of bed in general.

Visualize positive moments in your life

Another great thing to do when you mentally can’t leave bed is to visualize positive moments in your life. By visualizing the great times in your life, you will be able to feel the positivity and feelings you felt in that moment. This way, it could help motivate you and make you feel better about yourself. Sometimes people don’t realize how much they mentally struggle until someone else points it out to them. The person talking with you might be able to point out some positive moments in your life that will help motivate you into mentally leaving bed and doing whatever else needs to be done for the day.

Remember, there is nothing wrong with needing a little extra motivation sometimes! If mentally leaving bed seems like a really hard task right now, it’s okay to take a break. Take the time that you need and do your best!

Talk to someone you care about

Talking to someone that you trust can really help. If this person is a close friend or family member, they might have great advice for how to leave your bed and accomplish everything else on your list for the day. It’s important not to ignore what you are going through because it could be a sign of something larger than just being mentally unable to leave bed.

If this person isn’t someone that you normally talk to about how you feel, make sure they know what is going on with you and ask them for help if needed. Sometimes people who are mentally unable to leave their bed can go days without eating or drinking anything; it’s important to not let yourself get too far out of the loop.

Make your room brighter

Sometimes leaving bed seems like an impossible task when you are in a dark room. If your mental illness has hit too hard and you find that getting up is just another chore on the list, try making yourself get out of bed to turn some lights on!

It’s important not to let the darkness take over because it can make your depression even worse. If leaving bed is a struggle, make your room brighter and you might find that it will help motivate you to get out of the house.

Listen to some music

Listening to some music can help you out when you feel like you mentally can’t leave bed. This is especially true if there are certain songs that make you feel better about yourself or bring back happy memories from the past.

If possible, try listening to these types of songs while getting ready for the day too! It’s important not to isolate yourself when leaving your bed is hard.

If you are mentally unable to leave bed, these tips might help! If they don’t work for you right away, that’s okay. Try working your way up the list by starting with smaller tasks first–such as making your room brighter or listening to some music while getting ready for the day. You can do it!

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